FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder – 3D Printer

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FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder - 3D Printer FELIXrobotics Printers

Product Description

FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder - 3D Printer FELIXrobotics Printers

Let your ideas become reality with the FELIX 3.1 3D printer. The FELIX 3.1 is the successor of our award winning FELIX 3 series. An affordable 3D printer with a large build volume and accurate print capacity.

Print anything in 3D with amazing details
Watch and see detailed prints being created on the large 240 x 205 x 225 mm print bed. Due to the use of industrial components the FELIX 3.1 is a solid, stable and accurate machine. The solid structure and the high quality components enable the FELIX 3.1 to print objects in high quality (0.05mm) with perfect accuracy.

Benefit from the latest technology
Due to the fast development of 3D printers, today's technology will be outdated tomorrow. For that reason FELIX 3D printers are based on a modular design, making it possible to easily replace specific parts of the 3D printer. Official FELIXprinter upgrades are released regularly so our users can benefit from the latest technology.

Dual extrusion
Dual head printing makes it possible to print with two different materials and in different colors. Printing with a Dual is especially interesting for creating colorful prints or to print objects with water-soluble support material.

Print with almost any kind of filament
A FELIXprinter is capable of working with many kinds of filament. The print settings of the FELIX 3.1 can be fully adjusted to meet the requirements of the used filament (i.a. PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX, Wood, Glass and PVA/Water-soluble).

Including one-year license for FELIXbuilder
The FELIX 3.1 comes with a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software.

Portable due to low weight (20 lb / 9 kg) and the convenient handle to take it everywhere you want to go.

One-year manufacturer's warranty.

Please note price is excluding import duties.

FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder - 3D Printer

FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder - 3D Printer FELIXrobotics Printers    FELIX 3.1 Dual Extruder - 3D Printer FELIXrobotics Printers

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Top Features

  • Reliable & quiet printing: print anything in 3D with amazing details.
  • Dual head: print with different colours or materials in one single print.
  • Print quality ranging from 50 micron (0.05 mm) up to 250 micron (0.25 mm).
  • Print with any kind of 1.75 mm filament you like (open source).
  • Upgradeable design: enabling users to install upgrades (hardware & software).

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